I'm so glad you've decided to take care of your feet even though the craziness of Christmas and New Year is here.


My goal is for you to be balanced and feeling great as you bring in 2018.


This is your Christmas present to yourself at a very discounted rate. GAP FREE in the month of December 2017, if you have podiatry rebate available with your health fund. This means no out of pocket expenses for the review.


There will also be additional bonus reductions if you need other work or choose to have a second pair of orthotics for Christmas. This is especially good value for growing feet or if there are different shoe styles you want to wear.


What you will receive:


A thorough review of your current orthotics & shoes, original symptoms and current issues.


► A comprehensive subjective and objective assessment of your balance and posture, on and off your orthotics.


►Advice and assistance with integrating your orthotics to help your body work better and feel better.


Valued at $190


If you don't have private health, or have reached your limit for the year, don't worry. We are pleased to offer you this review for just $80.


To schedule your review, simply type your name and phone number below and one of my friendly staff will call you to book in your appointment time.


I look forward to seeing you and helping you start 2018 on the right foot.


Jaclyn Christie