Our Approach

You will find our approach is perhaps a little different from other podiatrists. We assess your body alignment from the ground up, looking at all aspects of your posture. We take a holistic approach to podiatry and promote wellness, health and harmony starting with a stable foundation for your feet.
Our focus, is finding the key to balancing your body effortlessly. Through custom designed orthotics in your footwear, we effectively provide you with training wheels for the body.
Following many years of research, the focus in our orthotics is to provide the right direction for the heel rather than propping up the arch of the foot. We have found that this is not only improving foot posture and function for our clients, but it has a direct impact upon the rest of the body.
Find the key to balancing your body, and you may very well find the solution to eliminating foot, leg, body and back pain.